Hi, I am Neil Jeberuth (JH Watchafces)

Hi All,

I’m not really a new comer here as I susbscribed on Facer first in late 2018 …
I have already +150 faces available but I did then a break for about 2 years. Well, we offered me a … FitBit :confused:
Now back on my Samsung Galaxy Active (and Fossil QGen5), it was for me quite natural to reactivate my Facer account :slight_smile:

Few about me, I’m 42 yo and living in France at a small village near Giverny, close to Paris.
I’m using Blender3D + Gimp since more than 3 years and I really enjoy to work on analog faces. That’s quite a relaxing process to create from scratch and then animate all these .png in the Creator.

I’m still amused to see the gap between my really first designs, done in a minute only to play with Creator - I became immediately so addict … !
I never removed them because I trully believe it’s primordial to know from whence you came.

2018 as a teenager …

… 2022/23 as a proud designer (At least, I’m still learning !)

Despite a normal turnover, I’m really happy to be back and to see a lot of “old” buddies !



Cool Faces there for sure, and a nice collection you have…welcome back :crazy_face:

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Very cool work there! Nice to see you’re back at it!

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Welcome back JH! I always liked your designs and graphics and still follow your Fitbit designs on IG. It will be good to see them back in the mix here at Facer :).

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Great to hear. Welcome back…

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Hi Kevin, many thanks ! I’m a true follower of B# on IG, always inspiring and among the most elegant designs I’ve seen there !

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