Hi I am Ton from Amsterdam

Like the title:
I am Ton from the Netherlands

Just bought a Samsung 46mm watch, and am orientating for inspirations.
I have the following problem!

Without my reading glass I am not able to read the date on all standard faces i see on the internet.
So I have downloaded the free version of Facer Creator to see what it can do to solve my problem.

I have no problem to buy the Pro version if that is what i need to create a custom (analog ) face showing an larger date

While in the free version i can add the date, but cant make it bigger so i can read it without glasses.
Is this only possible in the Pro version?
Anybody with reading glasses having having the same " to smal date letters" problem or anybody knows where to find samples of what i am looking for?


Hey Ton, welcome!

In creator, add a date element and then click on it to select it

On the bottom right you will see an icon that looks like a small rocket, click on it to bring up the advanced menu

Edit the tags in the text field to just show the numerical date tag. Adjust the position and size as you want

The question mark icon gives access to tutorials and documentation.

I hope that helps.



Welcome, Ton!
Yes, as described above by Mike, in Creator, using the free options, you can adjust font to your preference.
Have fun!

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Hi Ton.
For sure you can create the date with the size you want.

We can help you out with whatever you need.

Whats your style?
Analog or digital?

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I would like an analoog face ,


I have started with your suggestions, and have created a very simple analog face with larger date…
However i am not able to sync to my watch.
On my watch, i have selected the Facer watch face.

But when going back to my “design” it tells draft, what does draft means? do i need to upload to change it ? or what to do to sync to my watch?
when going to my phone it tells connected
I got the message saved , so why is it still in draft?
Second I forgot to give it a name, can i do that for this design?

Have you turned on notifications in Facer ( you will find it on the Facer settings page )? With notifications on you can press the blue watch icon in Facer Creator to transfer your draft face to your watch.

problem solved!
My face was still in draft, and i needed to fill in what category, what watch model, etc etc.
after agreement, i could publish my face.

But where can i find my saved and published face (es)?, and how can i sync to my watch.

Normally it would be under my login name
I find this forum / website unnecessary complicated


You dont even need to publish to wear your face.

You just need to press the big blue button to send to your watch, even from the editor you can send to your watch

Hi Ton,
On the computer go to “Create Your Own”. You will see “My Designs” that shows all designs that you have created. You will also see those if you click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page.

I have found what was causing the trouble:
My computer was logged in, my watch was connected, but my phone was not logged in, after login everything became clear!
Thanks for the tips and advice.

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I’m glad you figured it out. Your phone does not have to be on in order to use Creator on the computer. Of course the phone has to be logged in at Facer for you to view your designs and other account information on the phone app.

Hi Ton, welcome to Facer!