Hi I'm Dean from Melbourne Australia

G’day everyone, I’m Dean (Hosfam Designs), Just wanted to say thanks for having me.
Below is the link to my profile so that you can keep up to date my designs.
Have a great day!


Hey Dean, welcome to the community!
I can’t view your designs in the app, have you changed the links?

Hi there and thanks. no straight copy and paste from the share button. Try searching for hosfam in the app. It should bring up the five designs I’ve done so far.
Let me know if there is a way to correct my links too if possible.

Ah yes I can see them now, not sure why the links weren’t working for me.
Great start, looking forward to seeing more.

If you just post the URL here rather than the share/embed code then you should get a preview right here on the page.

Thank you for that. Is this link better?

Try this


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Welcome to the community. If you’ve got questions or need help with a design, there are tons of tutorials and users willing to assist. Just let us know.

Thank you so much. Learning heaps as I go and no doubt will be looking for assistance from this great community.