Hi Im LR21. Faces not syncing to my watch. (Wear Os)

I have tried everything. I have generated the codes various times, I have deleted and re-installed apps on phone and watch, I have restarted both watch and phone. I have cleared cache, I have done everything I have done before to get it to sync but nothing. I am not sure what is happening. I have been on Facer for more that a year and never had so much trouble. Can someone please help me? Facer is horrible for support. No one to contact. I have sent various e-mails and no response from anyone. Very disappointing. If it does not work then I have to find another watch maker. Thanks

I’m not sure I can help but if you can give a few more details I will try.

Which phone are you using?

Which watch do you have?

Are you trying to sync from the Facer Phone APP or from the webpage?

Are you trying to sync your own face or one by someone else?

Can you get any face to sync?

Hi Mike, thank you for trying to help. I have an IPhone and I have tried to sync my face and other faces and nothing. I’m not sure if the recent update has something to do with it. I have a Ticwatch Pro. I have tried to sync from both the webpage and the phone app. I cannot get any face to sync. I’ve never had this happen before. Thanks

I am sorry to hear of all your troubles.

I don’t have an IPHONE so I can’t help with that part.

Just a few things that no doubt you have tried but just in case …

Have you confirmed that the watch is talking to the phone? Can you load non-Facer faces or watch Apps ok?

Have you made sure that notifications in the phone Facer App is still switched on after your recent update?

Have you checked that the web address starts with https:// and not http://?

Are you using the web on your phone or on a PC/tablet? If you have only tried the browser on the phone it might be worth trying form a PC/tablet.

I always sync my faces from the web page and with notifications on and the right address I have no issues.

When you emailed support, did you use this address: facer-support@little-labs.com

If you did, did you get any kind of tracking / ticket number that you can refer to when you follow up with them?