Hi, I'm Mathew from the USA

I wanna see the best watch faces. I wanna learn from the best face artists. and I wanna surpass whoever I can.

I don’t have much faith in this set of hopes, but who knows?

The chances are probably slightly better than winning the Powerball.

Currently using the Gauss Pin-Up (autolite) animated watch face on my Gear S3.

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A very warm welcome Mathew - I’m Mike from Sydney, Australia.

The people here are very kind and helpful so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call out.

A good way to get a kick-start is to look at the documentation pages and the tutorials. You can find them here:


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Welcome to the forum Mathew, I’m Omar from Amman, Jordan

I’m certain you will find what you are looking for, if not you will at least meet the most creative, friendly and helpful people than in any other forum…

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You will find that most all of the men and women on this site are good people. They will bend over backwards to lend a helping hand. And if you want to surpass their designs you better get to work cause there are alot of very talented designers here. Good luck to you and have fun!