Hi, I'm new here and would really appreciate some tips and feedback

Hi guys, I’m new to the community and to the whole watchface creation process. I just got my new Galaxy 4 Classic three weeks ago and I loved it, but when I discovered Facer and that I could create my own watchfaces I went crazy about it.

The thing is that I really love doing this and even though I’m just starting, I would really appreaciate your tips on how to become serious seller. For example I made some Dragon Ball and Ninja Turtles watches, but I just saw that there are some issues regarding copyright infringement, so I’m not so sure anymore if I should publish those or not.

Also how active is the iOS part of facer? do you guys port every design you make to both operating systems?

I’m not sure if I’m doing this right but I will try to share some of my designs, again would love to get any feedback and tips!!

Thanks again guys, I’m really excited to be part of this great community!


Hello there, and welcome to the community! Looks like you are already having some fun creating watches which is what I recommend you focus on. Don’t worry about becoming a seller because that will be a lot of time and work and there are no guarantees. I am not active at all with IOS at this time but I’m sure some others will chime in on that.
I would focus on the Facer interface at first, but at some point, you will likely want to incorporate some other software such as Photoshop as Facer has limitations. Good luck and enjoy yourself!


First off, welcome! We’re very glad to have you. It looks like you already have a pretty good understanding of how the creator works and even seem to have your own style, thats great!

Becoming a partner with Facer does take some work like @thomasfmal said but if that is something you want to do definitely don’t give up before you start! The best part about the work it takes to get there is that it’s all FUN! He is right though that it shouldnt be your focus at first. Try to continue learning about the creator, it’s limitations and yours, then focus on learning how to push thoes boundaries to help you grow as a watch maker. If you do that the follows and syncs will flow to you and you will get noticed for sure.

The best advice I can give though is this, “You must be an active and constructive member of the Facer community, including its forums, comment threads, etc."

Always be a positive beacon in the community, help others when you can, push your limits, develop your unique brand, and the journey will be worth it because we love making watches.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have and I’d be more than happy to help!

Happy facing,

Oh also, as for copywrited matters. Yes, that is an issue. We cannot sell faces with copywrited materials, we need to create it ourselves or have the rights to use it. Most faces like “TMNT” etc. Could be considered fan art and is ok to publish for free however if you got a DCMA takedown request you would have to remove it.


Thank you very much!! You are right, I will continue having fun and learning how to use the Facer creator more in depth.


Thank you very much for your advise! I will do as you say, learning about the Facer tool, being active in the community and having fun creating lots of watches. It’s great to know that I can share my fan made projects and won’t be punished for copyright infringement. Thanks again!

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About copyright infringement:
Well, the AI Bot has caught me once or twice since I used a key word that I did not realise was not to be used. List here. You can find lots of discussion about the topic here. My tip, be creative and do you own thing, and if you’re not sure, duplicate your face before publishing.

I prefer round watches, so I do not concentrate on apple watches or square faces for that matter. But I have created a watch face that looked good for both round and square watches so I released it for both. But I cannot test square faces or IOS watches…

About posting your faces here in the community, just a tip, remove some of the code, so that it only shows your watch face and not the whole page, such as (XXX being your watch ID):

<iframe src="https://www.facer.io/watchface/XXX/embed" width="435" height="580" border="0"></iframe>
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Welcome @evolsets. When you post a link post the other one. If you wish to you can switch on Inspection so we can check and help you with code.


You’re off to a great start with those Faces, well done.
There are some great Tutorials here if you simply do a search for Tutorials, and there’s also a section full of all sorts of free resources you can use yourself if you wanted to.
Oh; and there’s plenty of helpful people here as well, so feel free to ask anything.
Have fun, I’m sure you’ll do really well here.


@evolsets. Sadly we can not just port Faces we havr made to Apple. The Templates ( Format ) is very different. We have to remember that Apple updates its Third Party Data on a 15 minute cycle. So no animations. But it is still relativly easy to get a Face into the Charts. That is good for the Ego.

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Ok, that’s some great adivice I already corrected the message so that it shows the faces correctly, it was much easier than what I expected. I’ll keep everything in mind, thanks!!

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@russellcresser Ohh ok, thank you, I didn’t know about the inspect mode and have edited the post with the correct sharing format. It’s a shame that the Apple format is so different, I think I will continue just working on the Android side of things for now then. Thanks!!

Thank you very much @icrltd4 !! What I have learned so far has been by just messing around with the Facer creator. I know I need to learn a lot about coding so I’m sure I will have a blast with those tutorials. Thanks for the adivese!


You’re most welcome, it’s the messing around that helps us learn lol