Hi I'm new to the creator. Need help linking hands to progression

Hi there, I need help. I have a heart, steps and battery progression in my design but I would like to add some custom hands to work with them.

How do I link the hands to the progression so they move with usage.

Many thanks

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Hello, welcome to forum.
depends how do you like the hands to move but in general you can use tags for the heart #ZHR#, battery #BLN# and steps #ZSC# in expression for the rotation as follows:
TAG*[angle range/max value]+[starting angle]
For reverse direction:
[starting angle]-TAG*[angle range/max value]

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Welcome @BlackLab . I have looked at your faces . very nice . The question is simple the answer is difficult .
The basic thing is you need some hands with the pivot point in the middle of your Image Image must be PNG with transparent Border . Very soon you will have many answers on here .
I would suggest you try inspect the work of others . Also there are many resources for hands in the Community.

See here a test if you want the hand to go the other way remove the - minus sign .

If you want less than 360 degree travel that is another story . Get back if you need more help.

Thanks for the reply. Where do I input the different tags. I am using affinity designer at the moment.

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In rotation window on the properties tab of facer creator


Thank you.


Thanks for the kind words and advice cheers.


Please keep us in touch and show us your Progress . :slightly_smiling_face:

I also made some battery hands and faces that use them. In this example the watch hand rotates anticlockwise with drain and the phon clockwise:

These are the hands:

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Good Day for picking up Bits . Thanks Rob .

@petruuccios Thanks for all the help. this is my up to date version with progression hands.


Nice .