Hi! I'm Orakix, nice to meet you

Username: syntaxracing
Label: Orakix
Gender: Male
Country: USA
State: Eastern Washington
Occupation: Dog Grooming Salon manager, former Tattoo Artist, and soon to be preimium watch face designer :wink::wink::joy:
Age: 32 (will be 33 in 3 days)

In late 2017 I was given a Samsung Gear Live and was shown facer. I didn’t really know anything about smart watches or what they were capable of but anytime I have the option to have something custom I’m going to take it. Especially with computers or tech. I made a face that I was happy with thinking that was going to be it but that launched a passion, borderline obsession, of making faces. I’ve always been an artist looking for my medium and I believe I finally found it. My main style is analog faces that look ad realistic as I can possibly make them. Abstract type artwork is difficult for my brain for some reason but realism isn’t. I had the same issue with my tattoos. As I am still fairly new to facing I am learning a lot and my style is evolving and I really enjoy pushing my limits and seeing what new ideas I can bring to the table.

Outside of facing I love adventure, traveling, riding my motorcycle, spending time up at my lake cabin and in the mountains. My wife and I snowboard together and are now parents of a 2 month old son, Rory. I can’t wait to teach him how to ride. I also used to stream on twitch but life has taken me away from that but I hope to one day return. I didn’t ever really focus on YouTube but here’s a link to mine if you wanted to see a little but more of me.


We are all obsessed. :slight_smile:

For sure you will get Premium designer!


Haha that’s true, we are all obsessed. I’d be surprised though if I made premium before you, your work is amazing. Btw, I ended up writing more on that post since you commented. Haha

In my opion we both deserve it, but the facer staff seem to be a bit slow in their decisions. :wink:

Well thank you I appreciate that. Believe it or not though I’ve not quite met the requirements technically. I think they should take into consideration drive, dedication, community presence, and other things like that. Either way it’s only a matter of time. I’ll get there because I won’t give up.

Yeah, let´s fight for our right! :slight_smile:

To be true, i can´t understand how their decisions are made. I meet all the requirements,i am very active and skilled…

In my eyes there is no explanation why they don´t promote proven successful designers more often.

It´s not about the money but i think we should earn some reward on all our efforts. They devinitely need good and fresh designs for their platform and some of their foreign premium designers are no more or only partly active.

We know, that we know nothing at all, that´s my conclusion.

Haha that’s one way to put it. At the very least, give us iike an affiliate program where we can do themeable faces. My LED faces are perfect for themeable and would love to do more color options but I don’t want my store to be flooded with 12 of the same face just different colors.

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@GAUSS You know I was thinking that it’s probably not even about a decision. I’m not sure how big little labs is but they are constantly updating facer, working their social media, and monitoring their forums to make sure we all get the best experience possible. It could just be about time and man power. I think that as long as you truly want to help elevate facer to a higher level they will see it in time. For now I’m happy just making faces that the world loves. I’m thankful that I have this platform and artistic outlet, thankful that people actually sync/favorite/wear my work daily, thankful that facer has featured almost every face I’ve made/ all of my collections, and even featured me on their Instagram without even reposting. They clearly know who I am and think I’m doing something right so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing until the timing is right too.

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Absolutly right!

I am with you in every written word and the sense of your quote.

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You both are extraordinary and should be All Supreme Designers in my opinion


Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my work. There will be many more faces to come!

Hello brother. I am just starting so seeing how far you have come gives me hope. Lol

Hey man, that’s awesome! I’m glad I can inspire you. If there’s anything I can do to help you along the way please let me know. I’m always here to help if I can. I’m still learning a lot myself but if I don’t know I usually can at least point in the right direction. I’m excited to see what you comr up with.

Guys, do not give up, it’s obvious that you should already to be preimium designer. But…
Being the designer of premium watches is not the most important thing, imagine how much fun you give your watch users face.

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Give up? What does this mean, give up? Haha There’s no worries here. As previously stated, I’m just having a great time making faces for the masses. I’m just thankful there’s people out there that appreciate my artwork and hard work/dedication to being the best that I can be as a face designer. Btw @rarest, I enjoy your work too.

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I see this exactly the way Orakix said.

Its a wonderful privilegue to make people happy all over the world. And it only costs me time and my skills. I love to get my fantasy into life, give it a form and a function.

Thats the reason why we create watches, isn‘t it?

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