HI MW Design 5 days in


Been using Facer Creator Pro for just under a week now , I have been active on the Samsung scene for many years now. In 2018 I was invited to the Samsung SDC show as top designer at the time holding the No1 Paid watch face this of course was running tizen and using Galaxy Watch Studio. I then stopped developing for a while and started again when Samsung introduce the Watch 4 and the move over to Wear OS. If I’m honest the whole developer experience on play store has been frustrating with so many issues.

So I decided its time to move my work over to Facer, I am a software engineer by trade and been working with graphics and animation for many years. Some highlights for me have been some of the games I have worked on over the years including Unreal Tournament and Half-Life mainly creating assets / maps / weapons and mod development. I was one of the team who created Unreal Fortress for UT we had around million players a week at one stage good old days :).

Just around 5 days in and I have managed to get a number of faces in the top charts which must mean I’m doing something right. I’m still experimenting and learning how to make with facer but in time I’m sure ill master it…

Racing Pro+ currently in 2nd place TOP 100 - MW Designs - Racing Pro+ - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
Elegant Pro+ currently in 8th place TOP 100 - MW Designs - Elegant Pro+ - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
Dark Destroyer+ currently in 31st place TOP 100 - MW Designs - Dark Destroyer+ - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

MW Design - Mike


Welcome to the Facer Community Mike, hope you have fun here with us all.
It doesn’t matter if Faces appear in the Top Charts, as long as you like them, that’s what matters :wink:
One suggestion: maybe add shading/shadowing to your Gauges to add more depth…just my thoughts :thinking:

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Nice designs!


Hi @mikewickens you are on the top list within short time. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will get included in partner program soon.


Hi thanks for the feedback I am using shadows mainly on the hands and ticks what do you mean exactly on the gauges ? The Racer Pro watch face would not use shadow depth for the gauge outline as this would not look right.

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You’re welcome. My graphical skills are rubbish, but I’ve picked up a few things from all the great people here in this Community. I use an Inner Shadow png that I have saved amongst my vast collection of bits of bobs, which is circular, but a great way to add depth, a kinda 3D effect, which I thought might work well on your Gauges that’s all (obviously not a circular drop shadow for your square Gauges lol).

And here you can see its’ effect -

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Hi Mike, welcome to Facer. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Welcome but are all your design original on PlayStore? There are many really good but i encounter a weird one pubblished 8 july

Since i do a same one in may as a Facebook request of a cheap AliExpress smartwatch

Nevermind to infringe some copyright,i specify it was a copy done from a request

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Alberto did you realise your Shot shows that face in Edit . Or did you do that on Poupous . Don’t Hold Back :::)))

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Yes is for show the date of release :sunglasses:

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Every day is a School Day. I am glad I asked. Got it now. Thank you so much :::)))

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