Hi, new facer user here!

hi I’m JF86 aka Jeff and I’m new to facer and smartwatches in general. I bought a 3rd gen Motorola Motorola and I love it. I really like the classic look of the watch.

I spent a couple of hours in the creator app and already published a minimalist watchface. It’s pretty basic but super fun to do. Its also pretty crazy the stuff people do on facer.

Have a good day!

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@JF86 Hi and welcome!

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Welcome @JF86! Clear your calendar ! :smile::smile:

Welcome @JF86, very nice!

@JF86 I hope you take addiction well because facer creator is very addictive :joy:

Hey Jeff and welcome to Facer! I’m still relatively to the creator also but I can’t seem to stop making stuff :laughing: good luck with your creations!

Welcome @JF86!

Welcome @JF86 & enjoy!