Hi there everyone, Bitsbb01 here

Hi all,
I come from the world of KLWP and the KLWATCH, i’ve created quite a few klwp’s and faces for the klwatch, and then a friend showed me facer. that was about a week ago. So i downloaded it and played around and found that the hands i can use that i’ve created before, and then found i was having some fun… so now i use the latest i created and am in the middle of creating another… which i’m really having fun with as i’m having to work out lots of functions, eg how to create the dial version of a watch battery. lol i’ll get it worked out even if it takes me all night… thats the type of person i am, i dont give up. lol

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A little help in your hard work :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome @bitsbb01

Welcome @bitsbb01
If you need any help with getting something to work in Facer Creater, just post on the forums and tons of friendly people here will guide you in the right direction (or give you a working solution)
You can also join Facer’s Slack and talk to us realtime :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy watch making!

Welcome @bitsbb01!

Hello @bitsbb01 and welcome to the facer community.


That’s cool!

Hello @bitsbb01