Hidden battery icon shows in watch preview

The battery icon on this watch has opacity set as:


but it still shows in the watch preview. Can this be changed since it is only set to display when the battery is lower than 25%. The watch preview shows it as if it is part of the always visible watch face which it is actually not.

Any advice greatly appreciated…

Hmmm, I don’t see it… looks like it’s working fine.

You have to open watchface for inspection if you want some real help.

Hello, thanks for the reply and checking - hmmm - now, it is gone and I don’t see it anymore too - one of those mysteries … :wink:

What can happen is if you have 2 of same objects, in the same place and both are active, but you intend to use the second one for AOD only, it may have a side effect on the watch face. In Creator it will look OK since the second one is hidden behind the first one.

But this may not be your case…

Anyway, my tips is to really separate out which objects are active and which you want in AOD.

Hello @tom.vannes - thanks for checking and the very helpful hints - let me check on this one…