Hidden temperature pointer

hi, i have made this face with 4 circles.
the 2 in the middle are for air temperatures (cold to the sx side, hot to the dx side).
when the temperature is 16° both pointers are at 180° and this is ok.
when the temperature is over 16° i would like to have the sx pointer that
disappeared, and work only the dx pointer.
same thing when the temperature go down from 16 to zero and over,
i would like that the dx pointer disappeared.
thank for the help.

first circle (umidita’)
rotation: (+90-(#WCHN#*1.8))

second circle (freddo)
rotation: (-60-(#WCT#*7.5))
transparency: 100

third circle (caldo)
rotation: (-300-(#WCT#*7.5))
transparency: 100

fourth circle (batteria)
rotation: (+90+(#BLN#*1.8))
transparency: 100

thank again.

You can use a function in the transparency field.

I think this might work:

left dial, set transparency to: ($#WCT#<=16?100:0$)
right dial, set transparency to: ($#WCT#>=16?100:0$)

This will not work if the temperature is set to Fahrenheit, but I guess your dials won’t work either, so I suppose that does not matter :slight_smile:

thank you for the help.
i must dress the watch for see if work, because on the site
only battery moves.
thank again.

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You are most welcome, I hope it works.


hi, sorry if i desturb you again, but if you tell me where to go for read formulas to use, i can be happy.
my question is:
i want create a face that has 1 sunny face for the day (maybe 06-20)
and 1 moon face for the night (20-06)
or they can change at the exact sunset or sunrise.
the formula must is: if time is 6 till 20 then use face1
if time is 20 till 06 then use face2.
can you write the formula here for me ?
thank very much.


The list of tags that you can use can be found here: Tags | Facer Documentation

The list of expressions here: Expressions | Facer Documentation

and conditional and logic expressions here : Conditionals | Facer Documentation

and here : Boolean Logic | Facer Documentation

You place the expressions in the relevant field of your layer and they are solved by the watch in real time to produce a value. So you need to use the available expressions and tags to come up with the value you want.

To do what you want you could use a conditional expression in the transparency field of you layers.

The conditional takes the form

If { some condition } then { use this expression } else { use this one }

The syntax is described in the link above.

The condition could be,

($ { if the time now } >= { time of sunrise } && { the time now } < { time of sunset } ? 100 : 0 $)

I suggest you use the 24hr versions of the time tags.

To compare times you need to convert them to decimal hours ( eg. 21:30hrs => 21.5 )

That is: decimal_hours = hours + minutes/60

The best way to learn is to try. Have a go and if you get stuck I will give you some more pointers.


hi, thank you for your big help.
i can try to do the things with the help of pages,
but i think is not easy.
you write $ & 100:0, very hard to understand all.

i would ask:
it is a code for background color ???

thank again.

It is probably best to read the help pages via the links…

The syntax for the conditional statement is:

($ some test condition ? an expression if the condition is true : and an expression if false $)

FACER expects to see expressions inside brackets, if there are no brackets then FACER might think that it is just text to be displayed. In any case, without brackets, expressions may fail…

an example:

I want an object to be visible for 30 seconds every minute.

In the transparency field I place the following expression:

($ #Ds# < 30 ? 100 : 0 $)


#Ds#” is the tag for seconds and has a continuously changing value from 0 to 59 and back to zero.

Given the possible values for #Ds#, it will, for half of every minute, be < 30 and for the rest > 30

So the conditional statement says,

If the second is < 30, return the value 100, otherwise return the value 0.

If I place this expression in the transparency field, then the transparency will be 100 ( fully visible ) or 0 ( not visible ).

Try experimenting with tags and expression to see what they do. That, plus reading the tutorials and posts, should see you pick this up pretty quickly.

All the best

thank you.
you know the things very well, i see!

hi, if i can ask you something:
usually i work with bright and dim mode for the watch.
when i put in a face the wather icon, this one take the
same color that i have choose in active mode.
active mode, weather icon, white
i go in dim and i made a dark color.
when i press again active, the color stay dark.
why this ???

Yes I have noticed that as well. I am sorry but I don’t know much about the inner workings of creator - I just use trial and error to see what works and what does not.

Real cool watch face lots of exciting things going on ,will try it on my Fossil sport.

sorry, i search: snooksnake and i don’t found nothing.