Hiding tens digit of hour if hours are <= 9

So I’m using the #DhZA# and #DhZB# tag but is there a way to hide #DhZA# if the number isn’t 1? I tried using:


And I modified from what I saw in another thread but all that it does is change the opacity from 0 to 1 when the tens hour actually hits one.

It will be easier on you if you use (floor(#Db#/10)) in place of #DhZA# and use $#Db#>=10?100:0$ in Opacity to hide it below 10. Then in the place of #DhZB# just use (#Db#-(10 * (floor(#Db#/10)))) for the 0-9 position. Just remember to remove the spaces before and after the *. I put them in there so the thread wouldn’t automatically omit it. If you like, just go to my watch face where I use that to do extra things. I have it set up so that it won’t show a leading zero in 12 hour mode but will show the leading zero in 24 hour mode. Just open the link and click on the little rocket ship on the left and it will open in inspection mode.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! When it comes to graphics I feel very good.

When it comes to scripting, well…

I am finding some things online but still feel like I need help from time to time. This is one of those instances!