High resolution photos


I created an image that I want to use as a sliding indicator for hours.
It’s 2160x171 px, in order to look ok when shown with 100% scale on 640x640 px screen (biggest I know is currently working with Android Wear).

When I add new element (image) and select it it shows up scaled to fully fit screen (W-320, Height-25.333333333333332), but when I adjust it’s width and height to original (1080x85.5 - half of 2160x171, because facer works in 320x320) it is pixelated/blurred, like it have not fully loaded.
Same goes, when I sync it to my smartwach.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Someone else said uploading at 960x960 fixed it. I’m not sure how, but when I get time I’m gonna try that; for your usage, I guess that’d mean splitting the slider into roundabout 3 columns, and jumping the X by something like round(hours/3)*width?