Higher resolution Images support

I need have bigger images (dails) by the nature of the design .

For example each image (Sec, Hr, Min Hands) needs to be oversize ( at-least 3x bigger than the dial size).
But When I upload bigger image(960px), it resizes to 320px (dail size) and if I increase the size ( I need 960px) it is losing its clarity.

Any way I can keep the clarity (or resolution) untouched ?

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No, this isn‘t possible. I once tried something similar as well.

Facer Creator always resizes to watchface resolution.

I think the reason is saving memory.

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Yes, we apply some optimizations to avoid memory issues on the watches. That said, we’d be happy to evaluate changes to accommodate more designs!

@mani_akasapu: can you post here an example of what you’re trying to accomplish and that 960px image? Are you using a very large image so you can scroll or zoom it in the background based on some variable?


Here it is: The left half dial should be bigger so that the minutes (&seconds) dial clearly visible to the user with less difficult.

Well, imhO it‘s very sharp. Should be no problem to sizen it up…

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You could try another trick to double your resolution… maybe it will work…

Divide every dial in quarter sections, with one central point for all of them, load them in facer and reassemble.