Hit the 1000 mark

Hi all. I haven’t shown many of my watch faces on this forum, but I felt like tooting my own horn because I now have over 1000 faces published on Facer. Now I have to admit that they’re not sophisticated. I haven’t gotten the hand of using equations or GIFs, but if I find and image that I think will make a nice watch face, I do my best… and quite a few of them are gorgeous. I have watch faces guaranteed to delight kids. I have lots of flowers, stained glass, fireworks, abstract, mandalas, Fancy (elegant) faces, and faces for special occasions and holidays. Check them out at Warren Silberstein - watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
I’ve gotten a fair number of compliments. I do my beset to take requests. And best of all… they’re all free.


Wow! That´s an amount of watch faces …

Just did a peek on your facer site. A lot of them are maybe technical simple but graphically nicely made.

It´s a nice hobby, isn´t it?

Have a nice day!

Greetings, GAUSS.

I agree with GAUSS! Congratulations on an amazing milestone. A lot of the fun is designing and enjoying your work. Cheers!


Are you able to see all 1000 faces? I’ve been removing mine gradually because I can’t get my complete profile to load. It seems that the more faces I have the slower it loads.

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Thanks for the compliments. It means a lot coming from some great designers.
I am able to see all the designs but it does take forever to load, and sometimes the page crashes on Chrome. If I get a request to add something to an older design it takes forever to duplicate. Perhaps I should delete some that I’m not crazy about😃

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I guess that’s up to you. I don’t use Chrome so I can’t comment on that, but my other two browsers struggle. My goal was to not go over 500, but I ended up keeping some designs that I didn’t want to remove. At this point, if I add one I try to remove an old one. On the other hand, it was kind of fun after the holidays to see people with new watches commenting and liking designs that I had forgotten about and had not seen in over a year.

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The way Facer loads pages is a memory hog. It’s fancy, but resource intensive. If your machine doesn’t have a lot of RAM, you may never get to the bottom of a listing. They should allow an option to choose a more traditional paging system instead. I can’t load many pages at all on my laptop at work, but I can on my desktop at home with 32gb of RAM.

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That is what I suspected when I asked about that a year or so ago. I have only 16GB RAM on the machine that I use for Facer so perhaps that is my problem.

16gb is a lot, but also depends on what else is using RAM. If you’re like me, there are always a ton of things open, lol.