Hiya Facer, I'm Wulf!

I’ve already responded to a few things here but I never introduced myself fully. Here we go!

Alright, I’ll begin by saying I don’t actually own a smartwatch. I own a Fitbit Surge is barely even close to a smart watch. I recon I’m gonna get my first smartwatch at my next birthday perhaps?

Right now I’m currently aiming to buy a Huawei Watch 2 assuming that the trump thing gets lifted around that time which, lets face it, it probably wont even come close to that being the case. If I have to go and choose anything else I’m probably gonna say the Asus Zenwatch 3. I really love the design and UI of the Samsung wearables but the support and apps for it is very poor compared to the wide library coming from Wear OS which is the only thing stopping me from getting a Gear S3 Frontier.

Heres me surge which doesn’t have a band right now because I’m waiting for me new one: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/418080206570520576/590657951157714947/unknown.png

And I’m not Australian, I’m English!


Welcome Wulf :thumbsup:

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Welcome wulf. Glad to have you. I hope you find the right watch for you and sooner than later!

Welcome and best of luck for your birthday.

Oh and …

I won’t hold that against you :slight_smile:


Welcome Wulf! You’ll be addicted to designing faces soon if you aren’t already. :grin: