Hola, I am Delilah!

I use samsung galaxy watch 42mm rose gold, I haven’t foound the perfect watch face for this watch yet. Before this watch I was using fitbit versa and before that I was using sony smartband talk, which is still my all time favorite wearable.
My aim is creating watch faces for women and health professionals, especially dentists, since I am having a hard time finding those kind of faces.


Welcome! You gonna love making watchfaces in Facer. Let us see what you make and happily we will help you in the process. Greetings!
My wife also have the Galaxy Watch 42mm Rose Gold and I made some watchfaces specially for her. Hope you like them too.

Welcome aboard!

Feel free to ask any questions, the community is great!

Anything in particular you’re looking for in a health professional aimed watch style? (high contrast? bold and easy to read? information packed/less info? etc)

Bienvenido Delilah!

Agree with the other comments. This community is amazing and lots of friendly and helpful people.
You’ll quickly realize that you can create unique faces to meet all kinds of needs.
If you have specific needs in mind, share with the community and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for or get help with designing your own. I’m also a healthcare professional and as @cth4242 pointed out just let us know what you need.

FYI… My Versa sits in a drawer. Very disappointing. I had done some custom development for it but the hardware kept dying. Replaced twice by FitBit was my cue to abandon it.

Samsung watches are my favorite, but also own Huawei, LG, TicWatch and Apple. Facer really brings out the best in them all. I also have a new Garmin VivoSmart 4 which has SPO2 sensors. Really nice but only as a fitness tracker.

BTW… My wife just saw the Samsung Galaxy Active watch and its trim form factor finally got her to buy a smartwatch.

I’m watching the new Omron watch with curiousity. Measures blood pressure with a micro-cuff in the band. Pretty clunky but impressive BP accuracy. I wish it had a WearOS or Tizen OS for development with Facer.

What I’m looking for is a combination of style and function, because when I am with a patient I’m wearing gloves, I prefer watchfaces which show simple stats without interaction.

The other thing is, in general health, but in particular dentistry themed images. But those things you said makes sense too, high contrast, bold etc, since I sometimes just have a moment to peak. Thanks for suggestions!

I will definitely check those, it was a hard decision for me to go for rose gold or not, but now I can’t get enough rosey watchfaces :slight_smile:

Same here, Versa died suddenly in less than a year, but not a big loss, I forced myself to like that thing for that whole time, other than the looks, it could not deliver. There wasn’t even a find my phone app!?!
Anyways now I am more hopeful about galaxy watch, my only problem right now is bixby is not good, my plan is talk with it everyday till it smartens up :slight_smile: and there is no female health section in samsung health. Also I am trying to find ways to tie my own health tech ecosystem to samsung, like the smart scale.

Most watches don’t work for me because I’m a sucker for virtual assistants, using the phone to answer phone, but also like to swim. For example, In all TicWatches, there are ones which you can swim and which you can use google assistant but not both in the same watch, but I think soon they will do it and then I will move to google assistant finally after long years, yay!

Sorry for being a bit chatty about this subject but I really like wearables, I took Pebble going down really hard :slight_smile: So I can talk about it forever, fair warning :wink:

I’ve done some Tizen Studio development for the Samsung watches but much prefer the Facer environment.
One benefit to Tizen Studio for native coding is that you can create outside of most boundaries. For example, I obtained a few APIs that allowed me to code a NYC Subway status face (the train # and time to arrival at station around the face), hourly weather, and some others. The downside is that the learning curve is steep to create native Tizen code.

One issue that you may encounter as you work with patients is the need to view counting seconds without tilting your wrist. It’s not always obvious, but a few of the built-in Samsung faces will display seconds in Dim mode.
Some digital examples: Dashboard, Rings and some analog examples: Sporty Classic, Frontier)

Facer is an amazing environment for watch face development combining power with ease of development.
Have fun!

Hi @zdilay.

Welcome to this nice community and lots of fun while facing…

Greetings, GAUSS.