Horrible experience nowadays

Hello everyone! I am currently using a galaxy S21 5G in a Galaxy Watch (Tizen pair. Development here or there, my user experience with Facer right now is awful. The connection between the Facer app and the watch is ridiculous, even though I get notifications and I can switch between watch surfaces which are downloaded from the Galaxy Store. Facer indicates that it has no connection with the watch. If you can possibly find a connection it is not stable either. The ridiculous situation was that I couldn’t use my own developments. I know this isn’t going to change lately (although I trust it) but I had to describe what annoyed …


I think some of the Issue is down to Samsung. They are thinking of going over to Wear OS. Thier poor software engineers must be running arrond like Blue Assed Flies trying to sort out all the bugs. Have you had a look at the Samsung Watch design Platform? Oh that is Fun. Not to mention getting something Published. If you have not already I beg you not to Bother. Stick to Facer and try to imagine thier Problems. They have abut 1/4 of a Millon users. The guys who run thier server are Real Heros.

Sorry to be so patronising. I should have checked to see what kind of Maker you are first. As a NonPro I am here Just for Fun. I realise it must be very Frustrating if you are Serious. I am very sorry to say that I think it is only going to get worse. All the Manufacturers confused about Operating Systems : )