Horror/Halloween faces

These are just a few of the halloween/Horror faces ive been making, click the link and check out my full collection. There are over 30 halloween/horror faces to choose from this year. Easy to find as they are all sorted in a folder


Sorry, it is hard to fully load the page with so many active previews. I have to write quick before it colapses again… Maybe one, two examples and link to the collection?

Nice collection @beatnickjones but check your animation in Alien Infestation my friend, there’s red lines sliding across the display for some reason, not sure if they’re intentional, but I wouldn’t have thought so.

yeah, those red beam are lasers being shot at the aliens as they are being attacked as it says in description

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My bad sorry, I only saw the designs here so didn’t see the description :grin:

That’s allot of work, nicely done! :+1:

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