Hour format to 00-23 on tag (12/24)


When the 12h/24h user setting is set to 24h, the tags (12/24) should have the hours in 00-23 format and not 01-24.

Or create two tags one in 00-23 and the other in 01-24. But the 01-24 is not really used in countries where the 24h format is used.

Thank you.

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I agree with this one.

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Hi @Facer_Official,
Where are you about this problematic ?
Thank you

It’s not out yet.
It doesn’t even have a single vote…

In the meantime use math:

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Thank you for your message Mellin.

Two things :

  1. The problem is that I already use math to add a “0” on the first digits to always have a two-digit number:


And as we can not combine the formulas (I have already tried and it is unstable) I am a little annoyed.

  1. Can you remind me or put me the link that explains how the voting system that you talk to me works?

Thanks again :wink:

You click on the “Vote” button next to the title of the thread:


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I’ve come up with this in my watchfaces. :slight_smile:



What a mo*** !!
Thank you, I passed by and yet it’s big! :wink:

THANK !!! For now it works well :slight_smile:

:+1: +1