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Hour hand from 12-220 degree

I’.m looking for a solution for my hour hand. The hour hand should start at 220 degree at 00:00:00 am and should stay on 0 degree at 11:59:00 am; Same at pm.
The hand should move smooth.

Anybody an idea?


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Welcome to Facer.

If I understand what you’re asking, you want your hour hand to start at 220° and move through a span of 140° clockwise and end at 0°? If that’s the case, the rotation for the hour hand should be:

The (140/360) will scale down the rotation to account for the fact that your hand only moves 140° out of the total 360°. And the -140 is to offset the hand counter-clockwise so it starts at 220°.

Another option, based on the same hour-calculation formula above, is at 12:00:00 to bring the hour hand from 0° smoothly back to 220°:
Take a look at the example below with inspection, put the time at 11:59:55 and see how it looks.

The “Status” line indicates when the hand is in transition at 0:00:00, and the line below it indicates the calculated rotation for the hour hand.


good one, I’d use interpDecel for moving back though


I think Accel and Decel both look good, Accel moves the hand back to zero slightly slower, so it’s more noticeable if you want it to stand out.

I just updated the face to add another hour hand:

  • Red hand uses Accel
  • Green hand uses Decel

You can see how they compare during the transition time.


Many thanks, that is what I’m looking for.