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Hour hand horizontal move

how we make hand hour move horizontal move 180 degree ??

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Devide by Two. Then subtract 90 degrees. Presuming you are talking about a hand. Remember #DWFKS# is an angle given 0 to 360. It would start and end at the Horizontal but describe an arc left to right.

Thank you mate .
May i ask questions please . How i remove watch face from sharing with market and keep it private .

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Before you Publish ALWAYS DUPLICATE your work. I give the one I am going to publish a couple of ## . Then I can just delete the publication when I start to find it Embarrassing .
You can duplicate the publication and delete the one that is Live. But the Title will never change after that in Watchbox so it become a bit of a mess.


BTW When do you Sleep ???

You must know you do not have to publish a Face to get it on your watch.


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