Hour hand showing UTC+2

Hi to all
This is the project i would realize:
Italy is on the fuse Roma-Berlin-Tokyo therefore is UTC+1 in winter and UTC+2 from spring to autumn because we adopt what is called " legal hour" that is 1 hour in advance respect solar time and +2 respect UTC time.
I would realize a dial clock with a second hour hand that from spring to autumn marks not normal time, but normal time, for Italy, +1 or UTC+2.
Of course this hand has to move normally, but marking a time that differs from normal time
May be someone can help me?
I tried (#DWFKS#-1) or (#DWFKS#+1) but they do not work :unamused:
Good sunday to all

I recently discovered (through need :P) that in Facer, 6 degrees = 1 tick (second, minute, or hour?) – so wouldn’t the answer be (#DWFKS#+30)? That would be for +1 hour; adding 5 ticks to the analog hour needle so as to be exactly 1 hour from one number to the next… so to speak.

Mind you I’m fairly new to Facer so this might be very wrong :roll_eyes: and there may be a way more efficient way to do it xD

Thx a lot my friend. It works perfectly :smiley: and using (#DWFKS#-30) i have 1 hour less.
Thx for your help
Have a nice day

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You’re welcome, glad it worked :slight_smile: