Hours in a semicircle

dear helpers,
I am currently trying to display the hours in a semicircle for a new clock face.
Somehow I can’t get it to display the hours correctly.
I started with this formula ((#DWFKS#*117/360-58))
Despite rewriting the formula, I can’t get it to work.
Who can help me???
I have attached the picture for the hours.
Thanks in advance…

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first things first:
that image needs improvement (the hours are not in even angles and around imaginary off center arc),
or the hand movement cant be evenly fast during the whole period.
Btw. what should the hand do between 12h and 1h?

In best case the hand has to travel half the circle for one full cycle of the #DWFKS# tag and starts 90° counterclockwise from standard position. There the formula could be like (#DWFKS#/2-90) for start.

Maybe it should look more like this:


Master Class. The best lessons have very few Words.

Wow… Thanks, Ideas are flowing…

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