How can change login email

hi friends.
i’ve a little problem when i have made the login i’ve used a temporary email, somebody know how can change it?

Hey @max286,
Click on your own user logo in the top right corner to go into your account. Click the gear for your settings. Still down and edit your email address.


The e-mail notification arrive in the new e-mail but login don’t change

The login can’t change. That’s what uniquely defines your User_ID in the Facer user database. If you want to actually change the login ID I would imagine you would have to create a new account. That is typically the case in every existing computer database that exists in the world today.

I can guess what would happen to your current 46 designs but it’s not my place to say. You’d have to get that info officially from @Facer_Official Support.


Tnks friends