How can change the second, minutes, hour image

i’m new on this business :smile:
I have bought a new Samsung gear S2. And now i will create my individuell face.

How i can change the images for second, minutes, hour to my own.
I have try to downlaod an image from the web creator but it’s not possible.
How can sent me an sample Image for this elements so that i can change to my style.
Or can explain me how download an sample image frm the web creaator ?

Many thanks

What do you mean by wanting to change image for seconds/minutes /hours?

Do you want to have an image that will be shown only at a specific second of a specific minute of a specific hour?

Good morning,
thanks for your answer, when see this watch

You can see that the hour and minute arrows are not standart its an own development. But i have no idea how save the standart image from hour, minute and second arrrow to change ist an upload again so that i have my own created hour, minute and second arrrow on the face.

I hope i explain this a little bit better :smile:


I still don’t understand that full.
Do you mean you want to change an image that you uploaded before for a new image?

this is an sample from another watch, but i will create a simelar for my club :smile:

Look on the arrow from seconds with logo on the end
And the bicolor hour/minute arrow

I hope no is the understanding better.


So you want to know how to create new images for hands.

I personally use a PC program “Paint.NET”, it’s free, easy to use and it’s available in many languages.

Yes thanks