How can I became a face creator partner!?

Dear friends, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I have been participating in
approximately three months, and my watchfaces have been Synced about Seventy five thousend times. Besides, I reached ten thousend Syncs in the first ten days of my membership. And also the Watchfaces which have been illustrated by me took the top100 place.
I want to be a Facer creator partner in order to present my new illustrations, and indeed I sent several requests through this link : Submit a request – How can we help?

but unfortunalety I didn’t receive any responses, although I have
followed all the following rules: Become a Facer Creator Partner – How can we help?

My watchfaces page is

I would appreciate if you can help me to necome a face creator partner. Thank you in advance. :wave::raising_hand_man::heart:

Did u read what I wrote?!!
I read all this page, and I said that. If you read my problem carefully, you would have understood it

The page that I linked to explains that the program is by invitation only. You do not have to submit an application.
"If you satisfy these criteria and are selected by the Facer team, you will receive an invite by email. "

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I think @Linlay was trying to help. I think it is a wonderful part of the community that people try their best to answer requests for assistance. A “thank you” for the attempt, even if it does not provide the assistance one is looking for, is always appreciated.

As for the specifics of your post …

I have no special knowledge about what does or does not help with becoming a Creative Partner. All I can say is what I did …

I tried to follow the advice provided in the link that @Linlay posted. In particular, I tried to create a range of interesting and unique designs and I tried to act on the advice: “You must be an active and constructive member of the Facer community, including its forums, comment threads, etc”. Participating in the community, providing advice to those just starting out, sharing knowledge and resources and being a positive and constructive member is, I think, something that might help.

And as has been said above, asking to be invited is not part of the process - an extensive, varied and successful body of work and a positive, ongoing and active participation in the forums will be enough to get you noticed. Whether or not that leads to you being invited I can not say but doing so will, by itself, have its own rewards and enrich your experience on Facer and help build the community.

Best of luck.


Thank you for your help :rose:⁦:heart:⁩, so I think I should do more as before

Thanks Mike for the explanation, So i have to do the same :rose:⁦:+1:t4:⁩

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