How can I save downloaded watchfaces?

I go down rabbit holes looking for unique watchfaces. I would like to save these but do not know how

Each time I download a new face, I lose the the old one. I mean really lose it. H E L P??!!??

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If you would click the like button, you will be able to go back to all of them. But if you are a regular user (excluding plus and premium) you have the last ten watchfaces stored in your watch. Tap the face three times and you will see the others. If you have a WearOS watch after sliding past the last three you will see a circle with a Plus sign (+) in the center. Click that and it will open a menu from which you select “recent” and it will then show you all of the ones you have up to 10. It will show up to 20 if you are a Plus or Premium member.


There you go, a Page from the MAGic Manual . I learnt something new as well .Thank you .


Thanks for the assistance. Much appreciated.



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