How come I never see the "dark" design on pixel watch

I was looking for a new face the other day, and realized that sun logo, and noticed there’s usually always two designs embedded into each skin…

I’m using a google pixel watch, and have only ever seen the “Light” theme. but some of the “Dark” themes are pretty slick.

Just wondering how to get those? Is it supposed to change when the sun goes down?

Im not sure I understand your question. Are you looking for a watch where the theme changes based on sunrise and sunset?

Almost every watch face available shows the “sun/moon” logo where you can see the different time of a day faces, but anytime I choose one I never see that “night time” design.

Are you talking about the white button in the bottom left corner that looks like a sun when previewing a watch? If so, that is the active/dim test to see what the designer chose to do when the watch is in dim mode. That is not a light/dark mode.

Ah okay, maybe I’ve never seen the dim design because pixel watches may not have that feature?

On some smart watches (I think including pixel) that dim mode is named “always on display”. To reduce battery discharge in this mode, the designs are usually simpler and darker. Reportedly to enable this on your watch, “head to the Display option in the Settings menu and tap on the toggle next to the Always-on screen option. You can perform the same function in the Pixel Watch app on your phone as well”

Ohhhh! Thank you!