How do I build watch faces with custom functions?

I’ve seen the facer tutorials and the include some pretty interesting custom widgets that were built from scratch but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to implement them in the program! How do I input those custom creations into my watch face? Thanks!

I’d love to help you but without a little bit more information it’s hard to. What exactly are you trying to implement? If you can explain an effect you are trying to create most likely someone in the community will be able to get you sorted out.

Some custom features are only available to premium designers. Namely: themes (colors), variables, complications

I see. So I am very new to this community (just figured out that I had responses to my question!). I was attracted by the design contest put on by TicWatch but from the sounds of it, it really isn’t worth the time for a non-premium designer to try and compete against the fancy features available for the premium designers.

Hi @bknature!

The premium features are not enabled in the Ticwatch Creator - all designers play with the same rules. Sorry if this wasn’t clear!

Sorry. It is still not clear. If I cannot have access to those premium features, how am I supposed to compete with watch faces such as the entries in the comments of this post? Ticwatch Pro Design Contest Week 3 Theme: 🍂 FALL 🍂 -CLOSED-

Hi again @bknature,

None of these watch faces use premium features - you should be able to create the same faces with the Ticwatch Creator. You should feel free to contact their creators if you need tips on how to get started - I’m sure a lot of them will be happy to help!

Really? So to get me started, how would I for example put the smaller dials in? How can I get a battery graphic instead of just a “__%”, etc. I can’t do any of those advanced functions even on the downloadable version of creator.

Those are not “custom features” of the program, those are graphic and programing skills of its designers. You can learn how to do it in the tutorials and the specific threads of this forum. But its not push a button…

I was reading those forums such as the ones below and they all require custom coding.I’m up for trying it but there is no instructions on how to implement the code and no place in creator that I can find to put code like that!

For starters, it is good to find watchfaces with enebled Inspections and see how that function is done. I believe that most developers to request unlock even those that do not have it turned on.

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In creator, when editing a watch, theres a little rocket that opens the properties for each layer. There you place the coding…

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Thank You @carlosfilippa and @petr.patocka! That is what I was looking for!


It is working! This is my first advanced watch face.


Well done!

Well done @bknature! And thanks @carlosfilippa and @petr.patocka for jumping in to help!

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