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How do i change anchor point of the dials?

hey im new here. i need to know how to change the dials anchor point. i designed the dials and when i put them on the watch they rotate not like i want / thank you

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You cannot change the anchor point. You need to design your hands in such a way that the anchor point is where you want it to be. I see 2 possibilities:

  1. you create a round (or square) shape, the center of that is your anchor point. You place your hand to where you want it to be, pointing to the top. Make the shape transparent (red circle: no outline and transparent):

  2. or what I like to do is make a duplicate of the hand, turn it by 180 degrees and make it transparent and line thickness 0 (displayed in red):


You can change the Pivot point if you have the hand as an image but only to some Cardinal points. So only much use if you want it as a pendulum. When I get on my Laptop I will send a shot. However. Best to find a way of centering your PNG in the frame.

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