How do I choose the date to display on published watch

I just updated this watch to improve the accuracy of the moon phase indicator and I want to show it off but the watch has been published with today’s date and, as we are approaching the date of the new moon, there is no moon to display :confounded:

Is there a way I can force the published watch to display with a particular date; in my case I want a quarter moon so the 26th of Feb would be ideal.


As far as i know it isn‘t possible to set a specific date and time when publishing. But it would be nice sometimes to have this feature.

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Yes it would!

I have noticed that my previous published watches have taken the date they were uploaded. I guess I might have to update them again in a just over a week to get an image with a quarter moon …

That‘s right. The preview icon is always from the day of publishing. What i meant is that you can‘t change it manually, predefine it.

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Yes, I knew what you meant :slight_smile:

Still it is a shame, there are no doubt all sorts of watch face features that a designer would like to set at the time of publishing to best display the features.

Oh well, maybe one day.

Well, to be true… i don‘t want to make updates if avoidable. Since i sell some watch faces, my customers deserve a final version, not an „more to come next…“-version.

I am planning it all and do think twice before i publish.

The customers like and sync what they see and don‘t want to have a half baked product.

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That makes a great deal of sense - being new to this, I just can’t wait to share my latest masterpiece :wink: