How do I create a dial

I see many watches with dials indicating everything from battery level to day of the week. There are some references to there being dials in Creator, but I cannot find them.

So, how do I create a dial? Is there something in creator? Do I need to get a dial somewhere else? Is there an outside source for dials? How do I get my dials onto my watch?

First of all look through the list of tags:
You will be able to create dials (and any other elements) using readings provided by them, or based on calculations with them.

In most cases, you just take a tag and stick it into rotation option of an element in Creator.
If you will need help with some more advanced calculations, I will be glad to help.

Dials were removed from the creator (as a discreet element) a couple of updates ago, so those references will now be obsolete.
It’s now a combination of using say a minute hand and drawing an image if you wanted a wedge shaped dial.

Thanks for the feedback.

So, I have to create the dials myself? I’m talking about the circles or semi-circles that the hands and numbers/letters go in.

I see dials on many displayed watches. Were these created? Is there somewhere these dials are available for copying?

There is a topic on this forum where people share images they use, but you probably won’t find anything high - end there…

I can see that I have to learn a drawing program for anything more advanced or not included in the creator. Does anyone know why they were taken out? Looks like they should be an essential element. Is there any chance that the dials would be put back in the creator? Is there anyway to use any elements in the creator to create a dial?