How do I edit an already made face?

I have a watch face that I like but I’d like to turn the hands another color other than black as it’s hard to see. Is there any way I can edit one that’s already made?

If it is a watch face you created you can open it up in Facer Creator and make any changes you want, then republish it. If it is someone else’s creation you can not edit it in any way. In that case all you can do is contact the creator and ask if he could make those changes for you or make another version.

I’m well aware that you can change one you made. How would I go about contacting him as it shows who but doesn’t link you to any way to contact them?

If you are in the Facer app looking at the watch face, towards the bottom is a blue box that says “Comment” just click that and make your request.

Done. Thank you.

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