How do I edit an expression, and other questons. :-)


To help you help me: I’m a total newbie on Facer, but I have a pretty long history with programming and such.


  1. To enter an expression/tag/etc, i can just insert a “TEXT” element and type the expression;tag inside it, right?

  2. I made one to show the clock battery (the premade one isn’t working, it’s showing the phone battery instead) and another to show the wind in Km/h (the premade one uses Miles). The problem is that the battery is stuck in 100% and the wind in 0, even in the preview inside the maker

  3. It’s probably the most obvious thing in the world, but I couldn’t figure out: how the hell do I EDIT an expression after entering it inside the TEXT element? :wink: I looked and looked and couldn’t find the option.


Not sure exactly what you’re looking to do but theres a little watch icon you can click on in the creator that has sliders for those things so you can set them to see how they look in different stages.

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 5.31.59 PM

@Rator , thanks for your reply!

Yes, I did change the numbers there but even so the text field where I put the tag into stays at the original level. For example: if the battery is set at 88% when I insert the tag into the text field, it stays that way forever, even if I change the slider afterwards. It happens in both the editor and the clock itself.

I think I’m doing something wrong, like forgetting to set something to make the tag a dinamic field and not a static text, but I don’t know what. And, to make things worse, I couldn’t figure out how can I edit the tag or expression I typed into the text field AFTER I did it.

If you go to the Facer Tags Page You will find a list of tags for expressions. A lot of them will work by themselves. Like for battery you just put $BLP$ in the text box of the text element and it will give you the battery percentage. If you just want the number without the percent sign you would use #BLN#. The wind needs a little bit of modifying. If you use the tag #WND# it will give you the raw wind speed which can have a few decimal places. I don’t remember who pasted the original expression, but this one will work for both wind direction and speed in both MPH and KMH.

#WNDDS# $#WM#=F?(round(#WND#)) MI:(round(3.6 * #WND#)) KM$

It will read on the watch face as WNW 3 MI or 4.6 KM depending on the preference the user chose when setting up their watch.

@mrantisocialguy , thanks for your reply!

Yes, I found the tags I used there, but even so they’re stuck. I put “#BLP#” (without the double quotes) inside a TEXT field… As soon as I put it, the text field showed the battery percentage selected at the slider (inside the face maker), but after that it stayed stuck. I can change the slider and it will not change, and the same happens on the clock. It’s like it’s a text field where my tag was immediately translated into a number and the number itself was entered into the text field.

That sounds like an issue with your web browser not updating. I have tried every web browser I have on my computer which are Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Dissenter, Tor and Edge. So far Edge and Opera work the best on my computer and Facer Creator, but even they will get flakey and not want to update their view at times. I believe it’s due to an internal memory leak in the browser. After restarting the browser every thing is fine.

Its just a guess, maybe try open creator in another browser. On my Firefox it works like this:

EDIT: oops, seems like you got better answer meanwhile :slight_smile:

@mrantisocialguy and @petruuccios , thanks! You nailed it, although indirectly. :slight_smile:

I typed the tag inside the text itself, not inside the “layer properties” field. As soon as I finished typing, both the text field itself and the “layer properties” where converted to the value of that tag at that time (i.e., for example, 88%). Now I tried to type the tag inside the “layer properties” field and NOT the text, and it worked! I don’t know if this is the “normal” behaviour (I’m using Chrome), but it works for me this way.

All three questions answered. :slight_smile: Thanks again!


Welcome to the Facer Community Andre, as you’ve already found out, there’s lots of helpful people here :grin: Happy Face creating :crazy_face:

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Stick with it. I have forgotten the learning cycle of Creator. But you need to spend a bit of time just trying stuff. Try take screenshot and post them on here to help illustrate your question. Later on you can post a link to the design and get tonnes of help from these Guys. Enjoy.


Hello @alaltacc
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I appreciate that you look and read the forum in this group

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