How do I edited my watch face once it been posted


How are you doing? hope everything is going well.

I have a question I post a watch face RMG Designs

After talking with a Premium designer Carlos Fillippa. there is some changes I would like to make to the dim and the active face.

How do I revise my design after its been posted? Do I have to rebuild it in facer or can I work on the face that been posted?

When I go to make my changes at the time it says that my work will not be saved. Is that always there or is it just a generic so when you look at other people watch faces you cant mess thier watches up?

Also How can you tell if people have been looking at your watch or if its been downloaded? Also Is there a standard for tic marks or a point size?

Thank you in adavaned.

In creator select edit in your watchface and do the changes you need to do. Where you had publish in the upper right corner, now you have update. Click there and complete next screen. Your watchface will be updated but the users should re sync it to see the changes. Greetings!


Thank you for your reply and your help… it funny I found out how to update my watch moments after I left a message on the board. Sort of feel dumb now.