How do I get requests from someone

How can I get some one to make a rest in peace picture of my cousin who passed to soon ?


Welcome @suggggggggga. You might honor your cousin better if yomade a watch yourself. There are good Templates in Creator Digital and Analogue that you could simply add a picture to.
There are many here that do Requests.

Im not sure how to do that .that is why im asking for someone to do it for me.

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You are Back. Often people do not come back. If you will kindly look through the Faces I have Made already I will Happily modify one as a tribute to yoyr Cousin. You will have to post a suitable picture here. See the upload icon on the tool bar above. Also sorry for your Berevement .

ill be glad to help you memorialize your cousin, please send an image youd like to use a description of hobbies or how you would like to remember your cousin, I have done some requests for cancer patients that they were very happy with .if you would like to look at my profile for what ive done to read their comments

That would be great how do i get you the picture again i tried but im kinda computer beginner

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So get you picture on the device you are messaging me on. See the 7th icon from the left on the toolbar above upload symbol ( rectangle in grey with arrow pointing up ) . Navigate to where you picture is stored and select it. We should arrive back here with a link in the message box. We will sort it.
Have you found one of my Watches you like ? If you click on the Icon I made for my profile you will get a link to my Profile which will show you the watches I have, Designed so far. Some are Ideal for a photo background. Just not something I do often. Please get back when you can. I am in the UK so it will be shut eye soon.
Thanks for getting back to me.

If you would rather Direct Message me and keep your pictures private. You can do that by going to my Profile again and Messaging me via the little blue box that says Message. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: