How do I get steps progress bar set to the USER goal?

So bear in mind that I’m using the free version of the Facer creator currently, and I have seen that you can set the step bar progress to user goals for Apple Watch, but I’m looking for more of a general ## code so that I’m not limited to setting the goal to a blanket 5000 steps for users.
This is the watch face of mine that I’m trying to edit, in case you need to look at the code of it, I have made it so that it is reviewable, or whatever that setting is. Everything else is working great, the heart rate is actually working better than any other 3rd party watch face I’ve used yet (I have it set to continuous mode on my watch) and while super, super basic right now, it has all the information that I need in it, while looking adorable.

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Hey @pagan.arwen Welcome . Nice Debut Face . Good Start . Sadly over here on Facer WOS we do not have a Tag for Step Goal like many other Platforms . Many have requested it of @Facer_Official but nothing yet .
When you have Developed your skills to a point you want to dive Deeper you can go PRO . You coukd then make your own interactive to set a goal on your Faces . Sadly these settings are lost if you swap you face but that is how it stands at the moment .
Just have Fun with what We have to play with already .

Enjoy .

To make a bit more interesting, you could have the bar start over and over again.

So once 10000 steps reached, have it start from 0 again.

The formula for the progress would then be:

Of course, you could go with less, say 5000 steps, just replace the 10000 with 5000.

And if you like you can abbreviate the steps in text format to 10K, 20K, 30K, …: