How do I get the weather to update?

I’ve been using a Facer watchface for weeks now, and the weather has not worked properly a single time. I don’t think it’s ever changed from 46 degrees. I’m using a Galaxy Watch. My Galaxy Wearable app has my location saved and gives me the correct, temperature, so I know it’s a Facer problem. I’ve tried multiple watchfaces, and the weather doesn’t change on any of them. Is there a setting somewhere I am missing that I need to enable?

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Sometimes the weather feed can be finicky. Try loading the face you want. Then launch the Samsung app on your phone. Let it connect and sync. Give it a sec or two. Wake your watch and wait another few seconds, and it should display the correct weather data and location etc.

If that doesn’t work, check your bluetooth and make sure both are connected. If all that fails, reboot facer on your watch. Then if that doesn’t work, try turning airplane mode on and off. If all THAT doesn’t work. Then there’s something wrong with the weather feed itself.

The face you’re testing this on, is it a paid face? If you have one, you should try testing on that face since those are reviewed and tested by Facer staff to ensure all features work correctly.


And make sure you have location turned on for your phone and watch.

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