How Do I Make An Analog Hand For The Date?

I would like to create an analog hand for the date turning about 200 degrees in total, and then restarting at the beginning of the month. How do I create this?

Jumping, or a smooth one?

A ticking one, not smooth.

And, it might be more like 160 degrees. Nevertheless, how easy/hard is that to line up well?

If you want ticks (with days and not something less) with 160 degrees rotation, then this should work:
0 deg - first day of a month
160 deg - 31th day of a month

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Thank you. Now, the 1st of the month is not at 12 o’clock, it is at 8 o’clock and the 31st is at the 4 o’clock.

So, it’ll be ((#Dd#/31)*240)

I know the rotation will start at -120, but how do I achieve this?

Nothing I work is working. I’ve gotten it to point at -120 to start, but it won’t change when I change the date.)

You want it to start at 8 o’clock (-120 deg) and end at 4 o’clock (120 deg).



any ideas for a counter clockwise date rotation?

Multiply everything by (-1).

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Done - worked a treat, many thanks

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