How do I reduce the display brightness in the evenings?

I wanted to make the display brightness decrease in the evenings, added a black shape and a control expression $ # DU#>#SH#?30:0$. Everything works fine in the preview, but when you install it on your watch, I see a black screen. Why?
Huawei Watch 2 (Wear OS)

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I assume the above expression is just being displayed incorrectly and you are using the following without any spaces


is that right?

if so, is your watch getting weather data ok? That is, #WSH# is provided with the rest of the weather data so without weather data the expression will give unreliable results.

Iā€™m using a translation program and it made an error in my request. The expression looks like this:$#DUH#>#WSH#?30:0$
The idea is that after sunset, a black translucent layer appears on top of the bright screen.In the Facer program, the preview works great, and after installing the dial on the watch, This black surface has 100% density regardless of time.

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Thanks for the update.

Did you mean to use the UTC time tag #DUH#? #DH# is the tag for local time hour ( 0ā€¦23 hrs ).

And, is your face getting weather data ok?

I have issues with that #WSH# tag. You can use $#DISDAYTIME#==false?30:0$

If you want to check sunrise/set issues, check this test face I made to see what works on your watch:

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all looks to be working on my carlyle

It works. Thanks!