How do i reorient the 12o'clock position?

so i’m trying to have it where it is says 0 - to be 12pm/am

is there any way i can do that? thanks

Awesome question. Id like to know this one as well as how do we make the time/hands run backwards . Hope you get your answer soon.

Time hands running backwards would be putting negative before the rotation tag. One minute and I can let you know about changing 12 o’clock position.

Try this:

  1. Take the number of seconds divided by 60 (total number of seconds in a full rotation) to get the fractional portion.
  2. Multiply by the number of degrees for the arc that you want to represent 60 seconds - in this case 240.
  3. Add or subtract to get the starting point. 8 is 120 degrees off of 12 o’ clock - subtract 120 or add 240.




Same thing for minute and hour hands using their tags.

Sorry, but where would I enter this information to?

Rotation for the corresponding hands.

@Orion thank you for the info. as for the original question, I think he might be asking literally where to put the info. Like directing him to the rocket ship icon etc. my apologies if i am wrong

That’s true. So click on the hand and then click the rocket ship on the bottom and enter into rotation value on the right.

both codes look like its not working, the first code (((((#Ds#)/60)*240)+240) - goes from 0 and then stops at 8. then glitches back to 0.
Second code -((((#DWFSS#/360)*240)+240) - nothing happens.

im sorry im so confused, im just trying to make the one hand tell all the time and make it start at 0. i hope i am making sense lol

Hour: (#DWFKS#-90)
Minute (#DWFMS#-90)
Second (#DWFSS#-90)
You can change value 90 as needed.


Hopefully this should work.

Never mind. I see your face went not 0 to 12 within 240 degrees but 0-8. Petr.patocka is correct.

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Thank you guys, its working properly now!! Woo hoo!!!

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