How do I repeat a animation with in a minute

Hi all I have just been excepted as a Premium designer so very excited to get cracking on my first premium design. Its about finished except i want an element that flies across the screen to do so several times in a minute. Currently it animates across and then I have to wait for another minute to see it again.

I am no coder so I blag my way with these expressions but this is what i have for the X position


Can any one please help, I’m sure its pretty straight forward


One last thing in that line of code I have a multiply before the 40 and 2 but doesn’t seem to appear when I type it into this comments box

When do you want the animation to start?
How long do you want that element to be on screen?
How long do you want that element to be off screen?
Just in X axis?

Its probably best I show you, here is a link to my design: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

So if you see the 2x layers called blossom, basically I want those to repeat maybe 4 or 5 times with in the minute

Appreciate your help

Currently they only appear for a couple of seconds at the start of the minute

Ok, so you want them to be seen about 4-5 times during each minute
For 5 times that would give us a 12 seconds period.

For how long of those 12 seconds do you want it to be visible / not visible?

Basically I really like how they currently animate and how long you see them on screen, but my issue is they only do that once a minute is there a way you can either repeat the same animation several times with in the minute or I duplicate that layer but stagger when it appears, so instead of it appearing at the beginning of the minute i can say appear at 10second and then another layer at 15 seconds if that makes sense?

Yes, there is, but I need specific data to create the script for it.

I opened your watch (btw your link by itself won’t work for other people, just for you) and, while I can see those 2 layers marked “blossom” I cannot see them moving.

I’m sorry but I have to ask again:
In that 12 seconds period for how long you want to see (/not) the blossom falling?

PS.: I love the design!

Cheers Mellin rite I think I understand what you mean, so It should take about 2 seconds for for the blossom to travel across the screen so 10 seconds that you don’t see it

Ok, step by step:

((#Dsm#/12 - (floor(#Dsm#/12)))*12)

will give you seconds going from 0 to 12.

if 2 seconds suppose to mean movement across the whole screen (160 units):

((((#Dsm#/12 - (floor(#Dsm#/12)))*12)/2)*160)

and finally:

(((((#Dsm#/12 - (floor(#Dsm#/12)))*12)/2)*160) - 0)

just change that last 0 to set when you want it to show up.

I hope it will help.

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Mellin you are a legend that works perfectly just the effect I was after. I’ve tweak some of the values and its spot on

Cheers mate

This is the final result that I have just published:

Thanks for your help


I love it!
It’s great!