How do I stop the heart rate sensor on my watch on the Facer Watch Faces (Smartphone) application or on the Watch Faces (Watch)?

Hello everyone,

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA and my watch is a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 PRO.

Installing the Facer Watch Faces app that I purchased from the Google Play Store installed well both on my phone (S23 ULTRA) and also my watch (Watch 5 PRO). I have no problems downloading free or paid Watch Faces from the phone app (S23 ULTRA) to my watch (Watch 5 PRO).

Here is the small configuration problem that I encounter with the Facer Watch Faces application:
Is it possible to stop the heart rate sensor in the Watch Faces that I download??? Is there a solution, a parameter to modify please???

Because the battery of my watch (Watch 5 PRO) drains much faster and I don’t need this functionality in my daily life. I noticed this because the green light on the heart rate sensor under my watch face was flashing green constantly. I searched in the settings of the Facer Watch Faces application installed on my phone but also in the Watch Faces settings on the watch and I found nothing.

I am asking for your help, please. While waiting for your responses, I thank you in advance.



Ha Ha . Everyone was begging for the sensor to be on all the time . Check the Samsung health settings on your Phone . Switch it off there . Sadly the setting for Facer is when you set up Facer on your watch . So you will have to uninstall facer and reinstall the Companion app from the Settings in the Facer App , on your Connected Phone . Your Battery usage sounds high so a reboot is on the cards . Reboot your watch now and again and do not keep hundreds of faces on there . I have a near the limit face I Made on my watch GW4 . After the recent companion app update Today I am getting 2.7% per hour . That is fantastic compared to 3 months ago when it was about 4% . It is true that the HR sensor uses power but it is not that much . It should not be on all the time and when it is it should be flashing about 12 HZ .
So when you are starting again with Facer on your watch pay attention to the notifications . You will get health monitoring options on the way .

Annoyingly when I do a reboot the NFC is often on , that is a waste of power if you don’t use it . Do not have WiFi on unless you need it .
I have GPS on all the time so I accept the drain .
I am happy if I don’t have to charge my GW4 twice a day . If I am doing a lot of Development Syncing it drains a lot .
Switch of that Daily Mix .