How do watch faces go public now?

Before the “instant publish” change you submitted a watch face for publishing and someone at Facer vetted it and then made it public at which point it was available from a search on the website. I published a watch face last week and it doesn’t come up in search results. Do they still get vetted by Facer and made available from searches or do you have to wait for them to see it and take a liking to it?

This is the watch face by the way - Stuart Parr - Ironbridge - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer. It’s the Ironbridge, a UNESCO world heritage site near where I live.

Hi @wonkotsane!

With Instant Publishing, any watchface published is immediately publicly available at the URL generated for your watchface and can be shared with your friends and family, or on your favorite social networks!

The process leading to the watchface showing up in searches and other areas of our the Facer platform is the result of certain automated processes aimed at maintaining the quality of the content you expect to see on the Facer platform. We’re constantly working on improving this and hoping for our automated processes to index watchfaces almost immediately in the future.


Thanks @Facer_Official,

Does the automated process look for certain things to assess the quality? Dim mode, displays a time, etc? Just wondering if there’s any way of finding out if it’s been flagged as dubious. I’d imagine if there was an image search as part of the process it would find a lot of very similar pictures to mine given the million+ tourists a year that go to see it.