How do weather elements get their informations?

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I’m new to Facer (and also to the smartwatch and watch faces world) and I’m trying to create some.
While using my first ever (Max - The only easy day - Digital - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer) I noticed that all the informations for the “weather part” of the watch face are missing or outdated if I’m not connected to a WiFi network.
Since I move around everyday, those features are pretty worthless if they can’t update without WiFi, so I’m removing them from the new version of the previously linked watch face, but I’d like to keep at least the “location” tag, does it works like every other weather tag (and woulnd’t update the location name without WiFi) or it gets its info by GPS?

Thank you.


Well it gets the info from the web but it does need to know your location to do so. Depending on what watch you habe can decide how that works. Some watches don’t have on board GPS. If you have your phones GPS active then you should get the correct weather updates. What phone/watch do you use?

Facer fetches from the phone that info too. Make shure you don´t have a bluetooth connection problem.
Also, in the Facer app, in settings, you have to check “allow weather data” and have your location info active in the phone(gps or other methods). Greetings

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@Orakix, @carlosfilippa thank you both, I’m using a Samsung Gear S3 with iPhone 7, also the Facer app does not have any “allow weather data” (actually it doesn’t have any setting available, only FAQ, Reconnect Watch and device type (Tizen since it’s a Gear S3)).

Make shure tizen and facer companion is fully updated. Read in the other post the known issues of iphone facer app. Good luck!

Yeah unfortunately I don’t know anything about the iPhone app other than it’s different. I can’t be much more help, maybe @Facer_Official Can.