How do you add Always on Display to a watch when creating

I’ve made many but most dont have the AOD. Any help is appreciated

So what type of help are you searching in making an AOD screen? Please specify your request.

Greetings, GAUSS.

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Go to the second tab and make an AOD face…

Don’t forget, it will not work well on the Fossil stuff… AOD only really works on Tizen , those cheap Android watches are draining like Crazy if you use AOD…

Facer did missed the boat big time when they forgot 90% of the smartwatches run on Tizen and only the crappy cheap stuff use Google… Result Facer is buggy on all platforms…

So I have to make a 2nd face on the 2nd tab. I though there was a way it would just carry over? You have to duplicate the face in the 2nd tab?

@pfountis Just go to the second tab and hit the eye to make the layers visible on the dim mode that you want. You shouldn’t need to duplicate unless you want a different looking dim mode. Hopefully this helps.


I have had a look at a few of your designs and all the ones I looked at had elements on the DIM tab that ( as @Orion said ) had the eye symbol selected and so those elements would be visible when the watch switches to DIM mode with Allways On Display active.

I did notice however that you had placed the image of the watch dial in the “background” layer and it would seem that this background layer is not displaying in dim mode. You could try placing a new image layer with your dial image in it immediately above the background layer and making sure the eye symbol next to it is selected on both the normal and dim tabs. This should make sure that your watch dial is displayed in both modes.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you. It is much clearer now.

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