How do you add an icon for your phone battery

The title says it all.

Create or find one online! If you search for “battery icon png” you’ll find a few options that have a transparent background. Upload it as an image and you can then resize it accordingly.

@Jaymi are you asking about one that shows the battery level or just a generic icon? If you want to just add a generic icon you can place it on the canvas as an image. You do this by adding a new image layer on left hand side of the creator. [Add Element] > Image

@Lukasz I want to know how the add the actual battery level :slight_smile:

sure. can you give an example of specifically what you are trying to do, this could go a few ways. Want to make sure I answer your question correctly. if you see any watchfaces that do what you are trying to do go ahead and link that.

Here is a face with and example of status bars. You could add a png to act as a border. Nikolaus Grunloh - Weather station - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer